Why going vegan is good for your health


Why More People Are Going Vegan While many people across the globe have opted for a vegan diet, there must be a definite reason behind the lifestyle. But what are the necessary ones from the lot?

Committed to long-term good health

As vegan diets primarily rely on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains, you can already understand what implications it carries for one’s healthful living. Most of these foods deliver fiber, antioxidants, as well as several other essential nutrients. On the other hand, avoiding animal-based products results in the reduction of saturated and trans fat, thus lowering the possible threats of typical problems. According to a research study, a vegan diet can even shield against heart disease, obesity, diabetes, in addition to hypertension.

Environmental Sustainability

If we take meat-based diets, they depend on various resources, such as land, water, and energy, while vegan diets relatively use less cropland. A study conducted in the UK has stated that the production of animal-based foods contributes twice as much greenhouse gas emissions than the production of plant-based foods.

Animal Conservation

Did you ever pay regard to a vegan diet’s ethical concerns? Going back to 2015, 4.6 billion animals were slaughtered for food throughout the world. Afterward, a couple of articles and documentaries have come to expose the painful journey of animals in the process that included claustrophobic, grimy conditions. Such treatments also amount to serious disease and injury of the animals.

Demand-supply chain

While the size of the global population is taking big leaps every moment, the concern of worldwide food shortage in terms of resources for producing meat products has stricken a serious note.

Estimations have further predicted that the world population will expand by two billion when we arrive in 2050. At that juncture, we would run short of water to grow food to feed the mass. Now, if we cater to a vegetarian diet, farmers would be able to meet the required ends in a more efficient manner.

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