Should You Try a Keto Diet if You Have Hypothyroidism?


While the motif of a keto diet lies in achieving a metabolic state called “ketosis”, when you deprive your body of the main energy source, i.e. glucose (present in carbs), it directs the body to burn the stored fat. And that results in the rapid weight loss of an individual where a boost in the level of energy, as well as brain function, happens to be the typical output.

But, those suffering from thyroid should take note of a particular fact before opting for the above choice. It says ketosis can act as a major strain on the adrenals where lowered carb intake leads to a reduction in thyroid hormone levels besides increasing the amount of cortisol. The condition further lessens thyroid function which makes adrenals work more in such situations. Moreover, if one’s adrenals are already fatigued, he/she cant but want to stress them more by going into ketosis.

Hence, always stay aware of your part before landing into an unnecessary mess. On the other hand, try to inspect your case carefully if you are an active patient of hypothyroid. Additionally, don’t take things lightly if adrenal fatigue is one of the primary elements to account for your hypothyroidism. To avoid the unconscious circumstances, it’s always safe to avoid a keto diet until you address the stress levels. Else, if you have hypothyroidism and are feeling to experiment with a keto diet, don’t forget to consult the doctor beforehand alongside taking note of your thyroid levels closely.

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