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Amazon’s Description:

This book is the result of a lifelong obsession with riddles and brain teasers. I have carefully selected the best riddles of all time. These riddles are categorized in such a way to optimize your attention and reasoning capabilities. I have set the easiest riddles as a warm up in the first chapter. There are classical riddles and “who am I?” riddles that should help to get you into the right state of mind and ready you for the other tricky riddles. There may also be word puzzles and mathematical brain teasers that kids will love.

The first part can be geared towards young readers. As you go nearer the end of the book, the riddles and brain teasers may be more complicated. Some of the questions can be tricky. The way they are constructed can be equally confusing. It is important that you read attentively on how the riddles are constructed and delivered.

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