EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC 3.0 8GB [Inc EVGA Global Warranty] for $543.95 USD Delivered @ Amazon


So the price drops are starting to hit the 1080 family as we prepare for the 1080ti to hit retail. This is not the cheapest 1080 on the market (see the 3 MSI deals currently posted for those) but it is the cheapest EVGA which comes with that peace-of-mind-inducing global warranty.

From website:
EVGA does offer global warranty on all current products regardless of where it is purchased from and where you reside.
Details of the warranty policy within your region can be found here http://au.evga.com/support/warranty/.
If warranty services are needed you can submit a support ticket or email our support team directly at SupportTW@evga.com

For cooling issues request a FREE cooling mod here: You can request here: http://www.evga.com/thermalmod/

Q. Does the VBIOS fix the temperature issues?
A. Yes, the VBIOS update will fix the temperature issues.
Q. Is my card damaged from running at a higher temperature?
A. No, but should any future warranty service be needed, EVGA stands behind its products.
Q. What happens if my card is accidentally damaged during the optional thermal pad installation?
A. EVGA will stand behind its customers with 3 yr full warranty and cross-shipment.


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