[eBook] Free: Superheroes Wear Masks @ Amazon AU

[eBook] Free: Superheroes Wear Masks @ Amazon AU

Spotted this free ebook on Amazon Australia and thought it would be useful, particularly for those in Sydney at the moment.

Here is the Amazon Description:

It’s hard watching your kids struggle with COVID anxiety. Hard to help kids with social distancing and to face the challenges that come with kids and wearing masks. Superheroes Wear Masks is a children’s picture book by award-winning author and parent of three, Chris Stead. It’s designed to help kids feel more comfortable living with coronavirus.

As a result, this is one of the best COVID activities books for families looking for ideas that preach staying safe for kids. The story not only empathizes with how the COVID world looks for kids, but helps normalize the idea of wearing a mask. In doing so, it makes parents lives easier, and keeps kids safe.

While wearing a mask for an adult is uncomfortable and annoying, for kids it’s scary. Suddenly it’s harder to recognize the adults around you or see if they are smiling. It’s harder to eat, drink and even breathe.

Pat doesn’t want to wear a mask. He’s scared and had a big fight with his mum when she asked him to wear a mask. Then he begins to think about all the people he loves and trusts that wear a mask every day. His heroes. A nurse, a builder, a chemist, a fruiterer, a firefighter. He learns why they wear a mask. This helps Pat understand that it’s okay to wear a mask if it keeps you safe.

If you’re looking for a COVID book for kids, Superheroes Wear Masks features an original story with original art that will connect with your child.

This learning story for kids, normalizes wearing masks by reminding them of all the non-COVID masks they see in daily life. It joins other fantastic wearing masks books for kids such as Lucy’s Mask by Lisa Sirkis Thompson, Heroes Wear Masks: Elmo’s Super Adventure and Masked Ninja by Mary Nhin.

This book will help children with COVID regardless of their age. If you’re looking for COVID books for preschoolers, COVID books for kindergarten or COVID books for children in general, Superheroes Wear Masks has you sorted.

Grab your copy today to help ease the COVID fears in your daily excursions with your family.

eBook is free at time of posting. Please check price before buying


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