45 Free eBooks for Children @ Amazon


Some nice books to keep the kids busy. All free at time of posting. Enjoy :)

us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) 100+ Knock Knock Jokes
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) All Tucked In on Sesame Street
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) An Evening With Grandpa
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Babaroo the Alien
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Bedtime Little Bear

us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Bedtime Meditations for Kids
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Bedtime Stories for Kids
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Bees Like Flowers
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Bloop, Bloop Goes the Poop
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Born to Be Different

us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Bubba and the Northern Lights
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Chess Fairy Tales
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Cookie Monster’s Busy Day
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Coronavirus: A Book for Children
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Dragons and Marshmallows

us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Dragon’s Breath
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Fairy Tales From Around the World
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Funny Jokes for Kids
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Geese in School
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Grandma’s Knitted Kingdom

us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) I Love You Just Like This
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) I Made My Fear Disappear
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) I Shrunk My Best Friend
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Magic Academy

us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) On My Way
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Rattles, the Barn Cat Misfit
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Sweet Dreams, Little Monster
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) The Big, Fun Kids Cookbook
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) The Clownfish and the Great Shark

us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) The Little Unicorn Chu
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) The Midnight Monster
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Tongue Twisters for Kids
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Treasure Island

us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) We Are the Gardeners
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) What Makes You Beautiful
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) What The Fox Learnt
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) What Wonders Do You See
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) When I Am Grumpy

us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Where Is My Little Dog
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Wiggly the Worm
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Willy the Whale
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Yummy Me Feels So Good
us(amazon.com) au(amazon.com.au) Zoe’s Rescue Zoo


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